One Touch – Binary Options

What are One Touch Options?

The term One Touch options implies that the price of an asset has to coincide or exceed the “strike price” or “goal rate” to be profitable. The “strike price” is decided beforehand by the platform.

When this price is reached, the trader appears to be in the money and will certainly receive a payout by the time of expiry. The strike price needs to be reached only for time per trade for success. If the price of an asset does not meet the goal rate before the expiration time, the initial investment is lost.

How are One Touch Options traded?

Step 1: Select the asset you would like to trade. It is usually preferable to choose an asset the trader is acquainted with for purposes of easier prediction of the future movements in the asset price.

Step 2: Analyze the live graph for you decision to be backed up by live statistics and trends. The live graph will help analyze the price dynamics and held traders determine possible future fluctuations.

Step 3: The platform decides the “strike price” in advance. The trader can hence choose whether the asset will increase in price (“call”) and reach this value at least once, or if the asset will decrease in price (“put”). The set “strike price” must be surpassed at least once before the time of expiry.

Step 4: Decide on the amount you would like to invest and confirm that all the details of your trade are inserted correctly before pressing the “approve” button.

All steps for one touch binary options are completed!

Who usually trades One Touch options?

One Touch Options are more suitable for the clients that wish to trade currencies and commodities. It is a useful trading method for clients that are convinced that an asset will hit a certain price level, but are not sure of how long this price level will be maintained.

It is a very flexible trading method in terms of time and is very commonly bought over the weekends when markets are not working. One Touch options are also extremely remunerative, offering up to 81% payouts on your initial investment. ©2015-2016 owned and operated by PeakMedia Group LTD,
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