Range Binary Options

The more experience you gain in binary options trading, the more questions arise. There is no need to worry about it. On contrary, the ability to detect ‘blind spots’ in information distinguishes really successful trader from ordinary one. This article considers the features of range binary option, which are essential to know for every trader.

What are Range Options?
This type of binary options provides a boundary tunnel or range predetermined by
ASKOption. When the trade expires it should end within those boundaries for the
trader to profit.

“High Range” Trade: To win the trade, the asset’s price must finish above the opening price and below the
green line.
“Low Range” Trade: It is an opposite option, as the boundary is set below the opening price and above the
red line.

How are Range Options traded?
Trading range binary option is similar to trading regular binary options:

Step 1: Choose an asset
Step 2: Choose a time frame/ Expiry period
Step 3: Determine the amount you wish to invest
Step 4: Make a prediction – will the price rise or fall within the range by the end of the

Below are some beneficial attributes of Range Options:
Range binary options are becoming more popular due to high profits and their predictability. You do not need to worry about the fluctuations of the assets, because in both situations – if its one cent or more, or if it’s within the range – you still get profit. Moreover, even if the asset goes below or above, but finishes within the range, you get your high return on investment. Boundary investing is simple, straightforward to do and easy to perceive. As mentioned earlier, range binary option trading involves deciding whether the price of the underlying asset will end up within a range above or below the opening price. Please, keep in mind that the range is predefined by the broke.

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