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By following the best, you will become the best!

Starting to trade binary options is a lot easier when you have a role model to follow. ASKoption places a great emphasis on social trading features by offering a unique way to start profiting by mimicking successful traders. This way you can learn and capitalize on our best investors’ success. Feel free to take advantage of the performance of our pros! You can have a look at their recent trading history and choose the one that suits you best, according to their investing style, risk/reward or assets they trade. And don’t forget, it’s complete free of charge for our clients who made a deposit with us.

ASKoption makes it possible for traders to profitable right now. Employ our Social Trading Tool today and you will see what’s working for you and how people are profiting. And who know, maybe the crowd will be following you in the near future!

Get Your Social Trading Tool

ASKoption Social Trading allows you to:

  • Have instant access to the best traders and their investing history
  • Check profitability of top traders
  • Easily copy their trades, manually or automatically

Start trading with ASKoption today! And benefit from knowledge and experience of our pros!